Employee Information System

All your employee (and candidate) information in one place

Tired of juggling multiple systems to manage employee information? Customize how you store and organize employee information, all in one central location. Plus, when candidates are hired through Workable, their employee profiles are seamlessly created during the onboarding process.

Employee Information FAQs

What is the best way to store employee information?

Employee information should be stored using structured, custom profiles in a controlled system where changes can be tracked. This makes employee information consistently easy to update and find.

What is an employee information system?

An employee information system houses details about employees like name, address, personal email, phone number, department, job title, manager and more. It can be used by HR teams and managers to find contact information or details about employees through use of a directory and organizational chart.

What is the objective of an employee management system?

An employee management system makes it easy to find and update employee details by storing information securely in structured profiles.

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