Automated Scheduling

Save time with intuitive interview scheduling tools

Keep hiring managers and candidates informed and prepared while reducing the back and forth that comes with booking (and rebooking) interviews. Tools for self-scheduling, multi-part interviews, event landing pages and more enable you to create an improved candidate experience and achieve better interview outcomes.

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Quick and convenient self-scheduled interviews

Self-scheduling connects with your team’s calendars so you don’t have to worry about double-booking. Send a link to the candidate and they’ll see available time slots from the interviewer’s schedule - converted for the candidate’s timezone - and can select a time to book. No more back and forth to confirm or suggest times to meet. And if plans change, you or the candidate can reschedule in seconds.

Manage your team’s agenda

Personal and team agendas enable you to know exactly what’s happening with your hiring, and when. Events also go to your company’s calendar system with a link to see candidate details and prepare. The candidate’s resume and profile are automatically attached so the hiring team can know who they’re meeting with and what questions to ask.

Workable graphic for managing your team’s agenda
Workable graphic for planning a day of interviews

Plan a day of interviews

Events are flexible based on how you hire. Schedule a block of interviews for a candidate to meet with different team members. Get the right people together at the right time and help the candidate to prepare for who they’ll be meeting with.

A seamless candidate experience

Give candidates a modern experience with a friendly and intuitive interface. Interview landing pages provide all the key details a candidate needs to prepare.

They’ll see:

  • Who they’re interviewing with and in what order
  • When to show up and how long the interview is
  • Where the interview is – whether virtual or in-person
  • RSVP options, which they can update if plans change
  • Notes from the team with special instructions
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Integrations that work

Events arrive where hiring managers will look for them - right on their calendars. Deeper integration with Gmail and Office 365 can be used to unlock even more potential with calendar comparisons, room availability and more.

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