Job distribution

Distribute your job postings to the best job boards

Get in front of millions of candidates. Workable automatically posts your jobs to 200+ job sites to ensure it shows up wherever people search for work, including Google, Indeed, LinkedIn and more. Easily share to all of your company’s social media platforms and to your company’s referrals portal. The best part – all these candidates come right into Workable so you’re reviewing everyone in one place.

Workable graphic of all the top job boards

All the top job boards

Workable posts to all the top job boards such as:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Google

It doesn’t end there. Workable posts to over 200 job boards all over the world.

If you’re looking to hire quickly or want as many candidates as possible, you can also purchase premium postings on most sites to give your jobs an extra boost.

Localized job board posting

Not all job boards are equal, especially if you’re hiring in different countries. Workable partners with all of the best job boards for whatever region you’re hiring in. Meaning you’re always where your candidates are if you’re an established multi-national corporation, a small company opening a new office, or hiring in a new region to cover a new timezone.

Workable graphic of localized job board posting
Workable graphic for distributing to referrals, social media, other sites

Distribute to referrals, social media, and other sites

Job boards are the tip of the sourcing iceberg. Along with Workable’s built-in passive candidate searching tools, there are a variety of other sharing options to cast the widest net possible. Your jobs automatically appear in your company’s referral portal – Workable Referrals. This turns your employees into your best recruiters by enabling tracked social media posting and gamified referrals.

Enjoy one-click posting to your company’s social media platforms and the job shortlink, which helps you post anywhere you’d like and will automatically track the source of candidates – perfect for those niche forums.

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