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SimplyHired lets you post jobs and review applicant resumes without paying a dime.
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How SimplyHired Works


Yes, for free. Get noticed by job seekers on 100+ job boards.

Hire the best candidates

With our pay-to-contact model, you’ll post for free, then only pay for the candidates you choose to contact. Prices start at just $9.99 per candidate reveal.

All the tools you need

From job posts to HRIS and more, SimplyHired has all the tools to easily hire, onboard, and manage candidates and employees.

Stop paying for unqualified candidates

No subscriptions, contracts, pay-per-click, or surprises. Only pay for results.

With SimplyHired, you get to review applicant resumes and only pay when you're ready to move forward with an applicant.

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Save with transparent pay-to-contact pricing

What you get for free:

  • Your job posted to 100+ job sites
  • Premium visibility on SimplyHired and Indeed
    Your job stays visible as newer jobs are posted
  • Resumes, cover letters, and answers to screener questions*
    So you can determine the best fit for your team
    * Excluding contact information

What you pay for:

  • Applicant name and contact information

Frequently asked questions

Your job post will appear on 100+ job boards including SimplyHired and Indeed. It will be viewable to candidates within your targeted area.

After jobs are approved, they usually start receiving applicants within a few hours.

It’s free to post a job on SimplyHired. We have a ‘pay-per-contact’ model where you pay to contact applicants after you’ve reviewed their application and resume. The price to reveal an applicant’s contact information varies based on the job title, industry, and market competitiveness.

There are no contracts or subscriptions to sign up for. You only pay when you want to reveal the contact information for a qualified candidate.

Ready to grow your team?

*Free job posting offer does not apply to job sites, all staffing agencies or certain other types of jobs at SimplyHired's discretion. Term, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply

**Distribution may vary depending on demand, industry, sponsorship and other considerations.

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