Custodian Interview Questions

The custodian interview is a two-way conversation between you and your employer. The interviewer wants to learn about your skills and capabilities, while you want to learn about what your potential employer expects from you. It's a good idea to research the company and the position to prepare for what may be asked during the custodian interview. In addition, you can get more tips on what to say in the interview from some of the resources we've provided for you below.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, we explore custodian interview questions and provide sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

What are the most important characteristics a good custodian should have?

As a custodian, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the school. It's important that you understand the qualities you need to deliver exceptional work. An interviewer is looking to see that you understand the job and how you will execute your tasks.

Example answer: "A good custodian is easy to approach and communicates well. They are considerate of others and self-motivated. They are a problem-solver and have a high attention to detail. They are also very flexible and willing to take on special projects. These are the characteristics I will bring to my role."

How do you handle situations where you have to refuse service to a client?

As a custodian, you need to have great interpersonal skills. You will be dealing with a lot of different people and situations. Your answer should demonstrate that you're aware you may have to refuse service to a client and that you feel comfortable doing so. You should also show that you're not afraid to stand up for yourself or your firm when necessary.

Example answer: "A client may become dissatisfied with our services and request a refund. When this happens, I continue to be professional and explain that we can't offer refunds. If a client becomes resistant, I encourage them to utilize the grievance system. I am always prepared to report any client who becomes abusive to security or management."

How do you maintain a cleanliness standard in a hotel?

The interviewer is looking for your attention to detail. They want to know that you clean thoroughly without neglecting small details. Your answer should also evidence your attention to detail, your ability to read task descriptions, and your organization skills.

Example answer: "I always clean a room from top to bottom, unless the housekeeping supervisor has asked me to only clean a specific area. I'm always sure to empty the trash and remove all bedding. I clean the bathroom thoroughly and make sure the shower is spotless. I ensure that the bathtub and all surfaces are clean. I vacuum the floors carefully and take out the garbage. I am always careful to ensure that the bed is completely made and that all the linens are smooth. It's important that I do a thorough check of the room, starting with the top of the dresser and working my way down."

What are some of the ways you ensure your work area is safe?

Custodians have an important part to play in keeping their work area safe. They should have a good understanding of how to avoid accidents due to wet floors, slippery stairs and other hazards. A good answer should include preventative measures and provide the interviewer with the information they need to assess your ability to perform the job.

Example answer: "I never assume the floor is completely dry. I always make sure I use a mat to walk on or wear slip-resistant shoes. This prevents accidents due to wet floors. I also always use the handrail when walking on stairs and have properly tested the handrail's safety. I regularly inspect equipment and report any issues to my supervisor or maintenance staff. If they cannot fix the equipment, I report it to my supervisor and ask for new equipment."

How do you make sure the equipment you are responsible for is well-maintained?

A good candidate should know how to use tools and how to clean. Think about tools you use frequently that you can describe and how you maintain them. Your answer should also include the steps you take to prevent the equipment from breaking down.

Example answer: "We have a toolbox that we keep all our cleaning equipment in. Every week, I inventory our tools to make sure we have everything. I perform basic maintenance on each tool, like sharpening and oiling. If tools appear broken, I fix them. If I can't fix a tool, I take it back to the shop for repairs. I'm also responsible for ordering new equipment if we need it. I make sure that I read the manufacturer's instructions before performing any kind of maintenance on our equipment."

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