Behavioral Technician Interview Questions

Behavior technicians are employed in a variety of settings including residential, school and community-based programs. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of patients and staff while also implementing behavioral healthcare services by providing supportive interventions.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, we explore common behavioral technician interview questions and sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

What is the most important thing a behavior technician can do for a family?

This question gauges your understanding of what family members value most in your role. State the most important thing you do for a family, then discuss how to uphold these values. Your answer should emphasize family-centered care and why you think it is the most significant part of your job.

Example answer: "I provide families with a safe environment for their loved ones, as well as help them with training needed to live independently. I ensure every resident is treated with dignity and respect, and I continue to care for them while they are adjusting to the facility."

How do you define success for your behavior technician work?

Your response should show enthusiasm about the job and that you can connect with patients in a positive way. The description of your expectations for success will show whether you have enough energy for the job. This is a good opportunity to show your passion for being a clinician.

Example answer: "My goal is to help patients reach their highest potential. I want to make a positive change in their life and show them that everyone has potential to make positive changes. I expect to see patients who have less behavioral emergencies, who are engaged in activities and who are becoming more independent in their daily life. I also want to see patients who are more open to families visiting them and who have developed some meaningful relationships with staff."

What would be the most important thing you would do on the first day of the job?

Behavior Technicians are the front-line workers who interact with patients. They are the ones who see first-hand if a patient's behavior can be improved. Expect to be asked this question when applying for a position as a Behavior Technician, since you will be asked to give your opinions about how you would improve patient behavior.

Example answer: "My first day on the job would be a time to learn what is in place and what needs to be improved. I would also make time to introduce myself to the patients and get to know their personalities. That way I can personalize my treatment plan, which will increase my chances of successfully improving their behavior."

Are you able to work independently?

This question is designed to evaluate your ability to work without constant supervision. The employer wants to know whether you are a team player or not. Some positions require close supervision, while others require a lot of independent work. In your answer, discuss your previous work experience to let the interviewer know whether this role will need close supervision or if you can work independently.

Example answer: "In my past experience, I was able to work independently without any issues. I was in charge of scheduling appointments with clients and sending out reminders, ordering supplies and distributing mailings. I had to meet deadlines and my supervisor was available for questions when needed. However, I am able to work with team members for the best results."

How do you handle disruptive students?

This question could cover a wide range of scenarios. When answering, consider your personal experience dealing with disruptive students. You should focus on how you handle disruptive students, whether it's through positive reinforcement or identifying the root of the disruption.

Example answer: "I try to build a rapport with students and show them I care about them as people. I also use positive reinforcement with strong behavior management techniques. I work in teams with other adults to serve as support. I also make sure to have a close relationship with parents so they understand the situation. I also make an effort to get to know the student, their interests and their concerns."

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