Assistant Manager Interview Questions

An assistant manager is a position that typically requires the incumbent to be a dependable, well-organized team player with strong communication skills. Interviewers will likely inquire about these qualities during an interview.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, we provide some sample questions and answers to adequately prepare you for an assistant manager interview.

What experience do you have that would make you a good assistant manager?

Your answer should highlight your history of leadership and management experience and show that you are committed to wanting to make a positive impact on the company.

Example answer: "My experience includes developing product lines and managing processes to ensure they achieve their goals. I enjoy working with different team members from different areas of expertise. I am organized and detail-oriented, but I also like to think on my feet to solve problems as they arise. I believe I would be a great asset to your team."

What experience do you have leading teams?

The interviewer wants to know how well you can take care of a team and support them in a leadership role. As such, the hiring manager would like you to explain your experience leading a team and how you would support the team to improve productivity and performance. Having this kind of leadership experience is vital for being successful in this position.

Example answer: "I have had several roles that required me to be a team leader. For example, when I was working at a call centre I was one of two team leaders for a group of 30 employees. I managed scheduling and ensured that everyone was performing their designated duties. Though I had a supervisor, I was responsible for resolving conflicts and helping to come up with solutions to issues that came up. I also had a great deal of experience leading a team in my job as a camp counsellor."

What do you believe is the most effective way to train new employees?

Train new employees and ensure they feel comfortable on the job as soon as possible. Make sure that their training goals are aligned with your business goals so that they can contribute fully as soon as possible. In answer to this interview question, highlight how you ensure trainers have the right content to get new hires up to speed quickly. You should also tell the interviewer what tools you use to measure success and how you analyze that information to improve future training.

Example answer: "I like to keep training short and sweet. I give the most recent hires the information they need in digestible chunks and I use this time to show them the systems we use to stay organized. I also like to use self-paced training modules to help them learn on their own time. After each section, I check in to see how they're doing and offer what help I can to fill in any gaps."

How do you deal with an employee who is under performing?

This is a common interview question for many professions including customer service, retail, education and healthcare. A firm answer shows the interviewer that you are prepared to juggle the needs of your team with the needs of the business. Demonstrate your ability to deal with difficult situations with tact and professionalism and the interviewer will know you can handle any challenge thrown your way.

Example answer: "First, I discuss the performance issues with the employee. I give them a chance to explain their situation and put it on the table. If they do not have a reasonable explanation, I have a one-on-one conversation with them, without other employees around to listen in. I am firm but respectful and let them know that their performance isn't meeting expectations. I then explain to them what actions need to be taken to improve performance. If they fail to improve after consistently having this conversation, I take it up with my manager."

What do you do if an employee requests time off?

The best answer to this question will show your knowledge of the company's policies regarding taking time off. It should also demonstrate your ability to manage the situation and keep the employee happy while keeping the company's rules in mind. A response that shows you have handled this situation before and done so effectively will be the most effective.

Example answer: "I ensure that all employees know the company policy and that the employee is aware of their responsibility to cover the work of their team member. I keep track of the time off, as well as the amount of time, to ensure that employees are able to return to work without staying at home too long. I also check in with the employee taking the time off to ensure that they are following through with their responsibilities and that everything is going smoothly."

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