Account Executive Interview Questions

An account executive is an employee who manages a portfolio of clients and meets with them to discuss their needs and goals. Account executives must be able to effectively communicate with clients, understand their businesses and propose solutions that help them achieve their objectives. To succeed in this role, you will need to prepare for your interview beforehand.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, we explore some common questions asked during an account executive interview and provide sample answers to help you prepare.

Do you prefer to use the phone, email or in-person communication when communicating with clients?

Account Executives are usually responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients. Your answer should reflect your knowledge that each form of communication has its advantages and disadvantages. If you know the client prefers a particular method, it is your responsibility to use that approach when communicating with them.

Example answer: "I like to communicate with clients in person, but if I'm unable to have a face-to-face meeting, I like to use email. I find it more effective than phone calls because an email exchange allows me to develop ideas. I find that email allows for a more flexible conversation."

How would you describe your sales approach?

As an experienced sales professional, you should be able to articulate your selling style succinctly and effectively. The interviewer wants to know how you approach sales. They want to hear about your successes and your failures. They want to know how you deal with rejection. Let them know that you are a thoughtful salesperson who truly cares about their customers. Describe how you maintain and build strong relationships with customers.

Example answer: "I am a very people-oriented person. I want to know my customers well. I want to know their goals and how my product can help them reach those goals. I like to ask questions and learn about my clients. This helps me to provide the product or service that they need. I try to focus on how what I am offering can improve my customers' situations and help them to become more efficient. I am honest with my clients and I always assure them that if there is any way they can improve their service, I will be happy to help."

What do you find most challenging about this industry?

This question is designed to uncover your knowledge of the industry you are interviewing for. It can help to spend some time researching the industry. This allows you to have some background knowledge, examples and anecdotes on hand.

Example answer: "In my last industry, customers were very price-conscious. That meant I had to spend a lot of time discussing price with clients and overcoming their objections. I learned a lot about how to overcome objections and how to focus on value in order to close the sale. I am confident that I will be able to do that in this industry as well."

How do you approach a new client?

A sales job requires a lot of interaction with clients. This question is intended to test your sales skills and explore how you would build a relationship with a new client. The interviewer will be looking for your ability to identify a client's challenges and show an understanding of how your company can help them.

Example answer: "I like to meet with the potential client to see just how my services can help their business. I listen to their needs and try to understand their goals. I also discover what concerns they may have about my company. This way, I can put them at ease and explain any misunderstandings. Once I have a good understanding of their needs, I explain how my services match up to their goals and why my company is the best option for them."

How do you look for potential new clients?

In this instance, the employer is looking to determine how you would go about not just creating a list of potential new clients, but prioritizing and evaluating.

Example answer: "In most cases, I look to see who our competitors are working with. I create a list, then use different software to find contact information at each company. I then look at the size of the opportunity and determine the best course of outreach depending on who would be the biggest win for our company."

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